Choosing a GOOD Business Continuity Plan Template

Updated: Oct 20

Three things make a good continuity business continuity template:

1. It’s intended purpose

2. It’s design

3. Maintenance consideration

So, the first thing to consider is what purpose the template will be used for. Is the template going to be used to support third-party due diligence? In this case you’ll want a narrative based document that describes your approach to developing and maintaining business continuity for your organisation. This document would cover a range of topics including:

1. Introduction

2. Scope & Priorities

3. Roles and Responsibilities

4. Basic recovery strategies

5. Business Continuity Management Standards

6. Business Continuity Management Policy & Processes

7. Business Continuity Management Organisation

8. Business Continuity Management Oversight & Assurance

9. Organisation Charts

As you can see from this example table of contents the topics covered all relate to HOW business continuity is managed within the organisation. An external party would be focussed on this to assure themselves that business