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Business Continuity Roadmap - 6 steps to business continuity plan development, deployment & maintenance

The infographic below shows the main phases of business continuity planning as a roadmap. This underpins our approach to business continuity plan development. You can see there are six main stages which cover the the development of the plan itself and the management processes that are required, after the business continuity plan has been developed and deployed to ensure that the plan is up to date and remains fit for purpose. Read on below for some further information on each stage in the business continuity plan development process.

Do you see those little thumbnail images next to each step? - these are part of our Business Continuity Plan Template that you can use to develop a business continuity plan for your organisation

What should a business continuity plan template include? Our buyers guide to evaluating Business Continuity Plan Templates will help help you understand want you need to develop, deploy and maintain a robust business continuity plan

Business Continuity Roadmap
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