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Our templates form the bedrock of many successful business continuity plans. Based on our own business continuity consulting assignments, they are optimised to enable you to create a best-in-class business continuity plan that will stand up to ANY third party scrutiny. Our template will enable you to:

  • Cover the complete business continuity lifecycle from design, deployment and maintenance ("free" templates won't take you that far)

  • Fast-track the development of your organisations business continuity plan as well as ensuring plan quality is not compromised -  because we give you a process to follow and checklists to ensure that everything has been covered ("free" templates won't help with that)

  • We guide you through the business continuity plan development process with online training which covers both business continuity planning principles and animated demonstrations of each template - you will find a YouTube link in in the business continuity plan template download. ("free" templates won't give you online, unrestricted training.


If you have any questions on our business continuity template, online training & BCP examples, drop us a line via the contact us page, using the option "I have a BCP Template Question")

RiskCentric's Business Continuity Plan Template - Overview

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A Business Continuity Plan Template that works

We know our business continuity plan template works because we have helped many organisations to develop business continuity plans and management frameworks using them ourselves. We developed and refined it during the course of many business continuity plan development assignments. All our business continuity plan templates have been proven in the field. This is one reason what we don't have one, voluminous template. Our Business Continuity Plan Template recognises that there are several parts to a business continuity plan and that each part has different uses. For instance, in a major incident you'll need concise guidance on how to navigate a situation. On the other hand, you will need to show external parties the basis on which you developed the plan (the risks it addresses and your tolerances to disruption) - that's all part of the overall business continuity plan template, 


Our business continuity plan template is designed to support the development of a complete framework for managing business continuity in your organisation. Our Business Continuity Plan template provides you with the tools you need to create a business continuity plan that is aligned to the needs of your business and gives your customers and other interested parties confidence in your ability to deal with and recover from a major incident. The business continuity plan templates shown below are the core business continuity plan templates that will enable you to develop your organisations business continuity plan.  However, the full download of business continuity plan templates contains additional tools that will support the management of the overall business continuity plan development process, establish resources that meet external due diligence expectations and support the development of policies and management processes to ensure that your business continuity plan remains fit for purpose

Every business continuity plan template in the template pack is shown, described and demonstrated in the business continuity step-by-step video, our on-line training course that will show you everything you need to develop a business continuity plan for your organisation

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