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BCP Test Schedule

BCP Testing Schedule

It's a good idea to create and maintain a testing schedule for your BCP test programme.  There's a simple example above which shows what a BCP test schedule might look like.  You can see the deifferent types of BCP test running down the left-hand column, while the first row shows the functional areas that are subject to testing. The second column shows the frequency for performing each kind of test (these are arbitrary frequencies, not recommended frequencies).


There's also a few "bells & whistles" on the example shown:

- Note the colour coded matrix approach for rating the effectiveness of each plan.  We find that this is more meaningful than graphs as it allows a quick scan and the predeominant colour gives an instant impression of the state of effectiveness of the overall business continuity plan.

- In the "Next" column, any tests that are overdue are highlighted, helping to make issues stand out more clearly.

When creating your BCP test schedule you should consider the importance or criticality of each component of your plan,  the more critical it is the more effort is required to establish effectiveness. This will drive the types of testing performed and their frequency

That'a all for the BCP Test Schedule - continue to read more about other aspects of  BCP testing

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