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BCP Test Results

bcp test report

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When the BCP test is completed, you'll need a process to log, report and track the resolution of any issues identified by your test.


The first stage of capturing and recording BCP test results is normally done by a “wash-up” or feedback session. Generally, this activity would be led by the BCP test facilitator who assumed overall responsibility for directing the BCP test.  The objective here is to allow all participants to provide their thoughts on what went well, what did not go so well and how to fix the things that did not go so well. These sessions are best supported with a predetermined framework for evaluation – this helps all participants to focus on a consistent set of evaluation criteria and provide their feedback in that context.  The evaluation criteria should, of course, be aligned to the overall BCP test objectives.


A generic example of consolidated feedback is shown in the image below.



























In the example above we have used a rating system of Effective, Partially Effective and Not Effective. The ratings are explained as follows:

Effective: This aspect of the business continuity plan is completely fit for purpose

Partially effective: Although we might “muddle through” there circumstances where this aspect of the business continuity plan may not work or might create risks to the effectiveness of the plan as whole. This part of the plan required some rework

Not Effective: this aspect of the business continuity plan is not fit for purpose and needs re-evaluation and re-development


When the feedback session is complete and all relevant information has been gathered and added to the observations by facilitators and observers, a BCP Test Report and BCP Test Actions Log can be developed. These are generally integrated as separate sections in the same report but each has a different function:

The BCP Test Report is produced in a narrative form – it is a document that is intended to be read by third parties (such as senior management and auditors) and serves to create a record of the test, summarising results and key issues raised.

The BCP Test Actions Log is generally shown as a table as an appendix to the overall report.  The BCP Test Actions Log is a “living” document – which means it is meant to be updated regularly and is used to track the implementation of any corrective actions associated with the organisations business continuity plan. Referencing the example above, any parts of the business continuity plan identified as “Partially Effective” or “Not Effective” should be recorded on the BCP Test Action Log together with an “owner” and a target date for resolution.

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That covers evaluating BCP Test Results - continue to read more about other aspects of  BCP testing

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