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BCP test plan objectives

BCP Test Objectives

It goes without saying, of course, that you need to set some objectives for your BCP test before you start to develop the more detailed aspects of the test. The actual objectives will vary according to the specific type of BCP test that you intend to conduct.  But whatever type of the test type or scenario, to ensure that you are conducting a meaningful  test, your BCP test objectives need to be focussed on obtaining assurance of one or more of the following:


Is the plan for obtaining command and control of an incident and assessing it’s impact effective. This will include considerations such as:

Mobilisation & assembly of Incident Management team.

Is it the incident notification process understood and operated effectively?

Do the incident management team understand their roles and responsibilities during a major incident?

Emergency services notification.

Is the process for summoning support from emergency services and subsequent liaison effective?


Accounting for staff contractors and visitors.

Is there a robust and reliable process for ensuring that staff, visitors and contractors are safe?


Effectiveness of locating & communicating with staff.

Can we communicate with staff to provide them with updates and guidance?

Resources in the incident room

Is the designated incident management location properly equipped to support the incident management team in terms of space and facilities?


Do we have effective and robust communications strategies in place for:




Recovery & Response Teams



Are our recovery management capabilities in-line with our business recovery requirements

Capacity & resources available at alternative working location(s)

Remote working capacity

Insurance & Disaster Restoration Services Liaison

Customer management activities established

Handling & prioritisation of customer commitments

Telephony/Voice communications

IT Systems restoration

Locating replacements for damaged or destroyed equipment / stock / raw materials.

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