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BCP Review

Business Continuity Plan Review

Considering a BCP Review?

Not quite sure if your BCP is still fit for purpose? But not quite ready to commit to a major overhaul?

We offer a rapid turnaround, fixed price review and evaluation service that delivers a detailed assessment of your plan as it currently stands, giving you feedback on the most critical aspects of your plan, including:

  • Identification of scope and priorities (often referred to as business impact analysis) – this will provide some guidance on whether you are focussed on recovering the most important parts of your business

  • Your basic capability to recover, based on your current approach to dealing with IT failures, impacts on your physical place of business and access to people 

  • Action plans to support the continuance of your highest priority activities

  • Your ability to manage an incident including communicating with colleagues, customers and other affected parties

  • How you ensure that your plan remains current and relevant to the needs of your organisation



No need for lengthy consultancy projects – just contact us and after we have conducted a brief, online meeting with you, send us a copy of your plan and we’ll take it from there.  You will receive a detailed report highlighting where your plan can be strengthened and improved and a suggested way forward.

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Business Continuity Plan review: frequently asked questions

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