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Facilit8r – taking business continuity & incident response testing to the next level

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Facilit8r is our software platform for creating realistic business continuity and incident response plan testing.  It provides participants with an environment closely aligned to the conditions encountered during a real-life incident. Facilit8r features include:

Ransom negotiation: Cyber security attack simulations can include a simulated ransom negotiation. Based on real-life negotiations with hackers, participants enter a hacker chatroom and converse digitally with the cyber criminals responsible for the attack

Seeding:  pre-test preparation. In some cases, we will test an organisations preparedness for the test scenario. This helps to provide relevance to the test by identifying potential exposures.

Insert delivery: Incidents develop and expand over time. Incident updates are released gradually via the Facilit8r platform so that participants experience build up of incident impact from different sources of information

External Media: incoming enquiries from media organisations are simulated to test the organisations media handling capability

Social media simulation: social media discussions are simulated, allowing the communications team to field and respond to public comment and requests for information from the public and customers

Remote participation: as you would expect during a real incident, all members of the incident response organisation won’t be in the same place at the same time.  Facilit8r is web based, allowing test participants to engage with testing activities as they would during a real incident.

Participant coaching. Exercise participants receive coaching “in the moment” from the RiskCentric facilitator. When facilitator inserts are delivered to participating teams, they also receive “prompts” from the facilitator, such as “at this stage you should be thinking about…..”, creating an experiential learning environment for participants.

Post Exercise Feedback & Issue Logging. Capturing feedback, opportunities for improvement etc, can be a challenge. Facilt8r provides an online feedback form to capture feedback and follow-up issues from all participants. This feedback is also accumulated into an overall feedback report for management. A Facilt8r feedback report provides exercise feedback and issue capture in the following categories

  • Incident Discovery, Notification & Mobilisation

  • Situation & Impact assessment

  • Recovery Process & Capabilities

  • Internal & External Communication

Facili8tr BCP Test Feedback Report Example

Flexible Usage

We don't "sell" Facilt8r - it's part of our testing and simulation services, so there's no licensing, but there are two different ways it can be used:

  1. By engaging with us to design and facilitate a test for you. We take on all of the work for design and deliver the test, using Facilit8r to simulate key milestones and impacts for the "incident"

  2. Use a  scenario that you design.  We'll operate Facilt8r during the test using resources that you have provided and leave you in overall control of directing the test.

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