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VirtualBCM: Business Continuity Management System

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VirtualBCM is your "always on" business continuity management system, continuously monitoring of the health and integrity of your business continuity arrangements.


VirtualBCM provides automated, organisation wide oversight of your business continuity programme – with zero training impact on both you and your colleagues. If you can use email, VirtualBCM can work for you– there are no new systems to learn and establishing the oversight and assurance framework from your existing documents can normally be achieved in a day.

If you are the “business continuity lead” for your organisation, you’ll receive a BCM status report in your inbox (at a frequency you specify), giving you and your organisations leadership a constant “finger on the pulse” on your business continuity and incident response capability.

Also, there's no financial commitment up front. We'll give you three months to decide whether it's good value for your organisation and whether you want to to  continue using it. 

Example Business Continuity Management Report from VirtualBCM

VirtualBCM is ideal for organisations who don't have a full-time business continuity manager, but for commercial or regulatory purposes need to demonstrate robust business continuity arrangements and business continuity management systems are in place 


VirtualBCM offers a range of services that can be tailored to your specific needs, including,

  • Monitoring and oversight of the health of your business continuity arrangements

  • Establishing and tracking an Issues Log 

  • Scheduled senior management reporting

  • Regular confirmation of roles and responsibilities

  • Training & awareness "nudges" (optional)

  • Incident simulation & testing (optional)


 For further information use our contact form:

  • Steve Dance Managing Partner
  • Linkedin

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