Cyber & Operational Resilience 

Cyber Resilience Management

The cornerstone of effective cyber resilience relies on sound management of information and taking prompt action to address identified vulnerabilities and threats. Although there are many tools and services available to information security managers to identify vulnerabilities, all produce results in different formats, creating an unmanageable "information soup" where security remediation actions are difficult to holistically manage.

ISM.Connected assists information security specialists to build a single, enterprise-wide repository of actions related to information security remediation containing the results of vulnerability scans, configuration audits and alerts from threat intelligence services

Incident Simulation & BCP Testing

Implementing cyber resilience initiatives, cyber incident response and business continuity plans is one thing - keeping them "fit for purpose" can be an even greater challenge.  A regular testing is the best way to ensure that your organisation is prepared and capable of responding to an operational disruption - whatever the root cause. Our BCP test services will help you to establish the effectiveness and robustness of your business continuity plans and cyber incident response plans - and provide robust assurance of your organisations overall resilience capabilities

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