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Developing organisations and their people to build resilience and cyber security awareness


At RiskCentric we specialise in providing contingency planning services, cyber awareness programmes and management systems  for oversight and governance of risk and compliance activities.

We also provide a full service cyber awareness management programme: using leading edge, interactive content that significantly improves learning experiences and a management system which captures and reports on engagement, completion and competence - giving you tangible, actionable intelligence on the overall cyber threat capability of your "human firewall"

Contingency Plans


Our contingency plan services include contingency plan development, contingency plan benchmarking to recognised standards and best practices, testing and exercising your contingency plan and, to ease the load, a managed service to ensure that your contingency plan arrangements are properly maintained, managed and tested.

Cyber Awareness Programmes

Our cyber awareness programmes incorporate experiential learning techniques to maximise user threat recognition capabilities and provide continuously updated management information for cyber threat vulnerability metrics