Business Continuity Plan Development for Business People

Business Continuity Plan Development


Developing and deploying a business continuity plan is not about producing a huge document, it's about creating and deploying a the capability to continue delivering your products and services to your customers - even when things impact your ability to do so.  

Our approach focuses on delivering a business continuity capability that:

  • Gives your organisation and its people the capability to effectively deal with operational disruptions

  • Provides you with the skills resources you need to manage your plans and preparations in-house

  • Demonstrates to customers and other third parties that you have a robust plan that has been developed in accordance with recognised good practice and standards

The video below gives a brief overview of the key steps of business continuity plan development


Risk Free Business Continuity Plan Development

Many organisations turn to external providers for training and/or consultancy support to get help with developing their business continuity plan.  In so many cases these services don’t quite deliver: training courses require you (and sometimes several colleagues) to sit in classrooms for days and then send you on your way with little more than a pile of presentation slides.  “Getting a consultant in” can often result in paying for work that could have been undertaken by your own staff – if they had access to quality guidance at key stages.  Most organisations are capable of developing business continuity plans on their own – providing their people can get the guidance they need and the tools for the job.

The big concern for many organisations is that they will pay for something that you either do not need or which does not deliver on its promises. Our approach is completely risk free. Our introductory video lets you see the a sample of course content and our approach to building business continuity plans before you make any commitment. There are no limits on attendees for the training video . Use the video as many times as you want.  This is not a preachy “why you need a business continuity plan video – it shows you how to create a business continuity plan in a few practical steps with worked examples of each major part of the plan. You won’t see a “talking head” with a back-drop of bland bullet points - you’ll be receive a detailed walkthrough of an example business continuity plan.


As we explain WHAT needs to go into a business continuity plan, at the end the end of each stage we will also SHOW you how to do it with  animated, worked examples of each step - in other words we'll show you what each stage of your business continuity plan should look like when it's completed.   The content shown in the video is supported by a tool-set of business continuity plan templates which you then have the option (but not the obligation) to purchase and download - and, as you will have seen every template in action within the video, you'll know exactly what you are buying. You'll see the button to purchase the templates next to the video.

All of the templates that we show in our free training video are available for download so that you can customise them for your own purposes. Our training video goes through each stage of business continuity plan development, including:

Building the business continuity plan - providing you with a step by step approach to business continuity plan development.  In this module we cover establishing your business continuity priorities, building core capabilities for resilience and response, creating functional (or departmental) business continuity plans and finally the development of a communications framework which is the "glue" that holds your organisation together when disaster strikes. 


Incident management. Is the part of your plan which protects your reputation and brand during a crisis. This part of your business continuity plan will support the initial stages of incident discovery and response, helping you to establish a protocol for escalation and for getting command and control of an incident situation and then deciding which aspects of the business continuity plan need to be activated 


The final module, Oversight, assurance & awareness, shows you how to develop a framework that makes sure that your business continuity plan remains up to date and generally fit for purpose.


The  video is around 1.5 hours hour long and will walk you through each stage of the business continuity plan development process. Each stage has one or more plan development templates associated with it - each business continuity planning step that we cover has a tool to support it.    On completion of the video you will have all of the knowledge you need to develop a comprehensive business continuity plan for your organisation.  The extensive use of business continuity plan templates accelerates your learning curve, saving you the time and expense of attending external, class-room based training courses.


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