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Developing and deploying a business continuity plan is not about producing a huge document, it's about creating and deploying a the capability to continue delivering your products and services to your customers - even when things impact your ability to do so.  Experience has shown that in a real life business continuity incident, people don't pick-up a huge a document and follow detailed procedures. That's why we concentrate on building preparedness in both your organisation and it's people so that when the unexpected strikes your organisation is both prepared and capable to respond. 

We are also aware that organisations need to have business continuity plans that need to serve several purposes - being capable of recovering from a major operational disruption is, of course, the bedrock of any business continuity initiative. But there may be other areas where external expectations need to be met such as regulatory requirements and customer expectations within of service providers and supply chain partners. Our approach provides resources that are practical to use in a pressurised incident situation and supporting resources that provide assurance to external parties that your business continuity capabilities can be trusted.

We are also aware that not all organisations need a massive consultancy exercise to build an effective and credible business continuity capability. It may be the case that that you just need to augment current capabilities and need a review and evaluation of your current plans to "join up" different facets within your organisation. Alternatively you may be looking for a bit of guidance and mentoring - in which case our free business continuity training course will help you on your way. 

Business Continuity Plans




We have helped organisations of all sizes and from many industry sectors build effective and compliant business continuity capabilities. Click the link below for a video that explains  our approach

Free Business Continuity Training

Looking to develop business continuity plan and want to see what's involved? We offer a free (yes, free) online, business continuity training course which steps you through the complete process. All of the tools and templates shown in the training course are available for download

Business Continuity Plan Review & Evaluation

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Not sure if your business continuity plan will work as it should? Our fixed price business BCP review service will provide you with a detailed roadmap


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