Remote working - business as usual?

Working from home

Many UK businesses have adopted remote working as the only operating alternative during the lockdown. The experience of having the vast majority of their workforce has forced a number of organisations to think about remote working as a “business as usual” option.

However, many organisations have muddled through the process rather than having a firm strategy in place. As business now begin to open, now is a good time to reflect on what went well, what did not go so well, how to formalise “work (almost) anywhere” environment and how this affects their business continuity arrangements. In this guide for continued remote working as an integral part of business continuity planning, we highlight several areas for consideration in terms of creating intrinsic flexibility of working arrangements in an organisation as a means of integrating business continuity as part of “business as usual”

1. Audit your IT hardware and software and close any gaps in access and adoption

In order to work effectively from remote locations, it is more than likely that employees will require access to devices that can connect to the internet (as well as an internet connection). Laptops and mobile devices are the most obvious, however it may be that they would need desktop computers at their homes. Any data-security issues would need to be considered and addressed if employees are accessing the internet away from the office. Is there sufficient network capacity for long-term (to support a significant increase in video conferencing?

2. Do you have the right software platforms for the long term?

Having the right software platforms in place is critical. Whilst remote access capabilities are an obvious consideration, consider how well did collaborative work was performed. For many organisations remote access + email + shared drives are not enough. Processes may have worked under this scenario for a while but are they sustainable or practical in the long term? Software platforms that support collaboration betwe