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BCP Review Checklist

Example Checklist for BCP Review & Walkthroug

When you perform a BCP test based on a review or walkthrough the checklist below will help you ensure that the scope of your review has covered the required scope. Any review should always factor in change issues, ensuring that the plan as it currently stands takes into account changes in staffing, technology, products, services and regulatory obligations


  1. Are all contact details for staff, customers and suppliers correct?

  2. Are the roles defined in the plan still relevant to our incident management and recovery requirements

  3. Is the contact plan still relevant

  4. Are the correct people included in the contact plan

  5. Are roles and responsibilities still relevant

  6. Are all individuals assigned roles in the plan the correct person for the role?

  7. Have all role holders been trained in their role?

  8. Have all role holders participated in a wider simulation test within the last 12 months?

  9. Are alternative workplace arrangements still relevant?

  10. Are IT systems recovery requirements still relevant?

Further issues to be considered during a BCP walkthrough test?

  1. Are all role holders knowledgeable of their roles during a major incident?

  2. Do role holders understand their relationships with other members of the response and recovery teams?

  3. Are role holders proficient in the use of specific tools and resources (i.e. notification systems) that will be used to support incident management?

That's the key contents of a BCP Review Checklist - continue to read more about other aspects of  BCP testing

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