Crisis Management and Business Continuity Plan development services

We have structured our services to give the maximum flexibility of choice and control over spend.  Each service (training, support and mentoring) can be purchased as separate subscriptions and for a range of periods. So you can match services and spend  to your needs.

We offer 3 main services for the development of crisis management and business continuity plans

  • Training and ongoing support: subscriptions can be purchased for one or three months that give unlimited access to our training video and support forums for the period of subscription. The training video and support forum is accessed via our members area. If you are ready to start your training session(s).  Just click the Login bar above to register and you will be able to choose the subscription you require.

  • Business continuity plan development templates. The templates can be securely purchased and downloaded from here The template pack contains the full set of plan development templates and quality control checklists shown in the The Business Continuity Plan Step-by-step video.

  • Coaching sessions.  You may decide at certain stages of the development of your crisis management or business continuity plan that some external advice and input would be helpful. In that case, you have the option  to schedule an online one-to-one or one-to-many coaching session with us.  If at any stage of your crisis management or business continuity plan development project, you decide that some external input, just complete the form and we'll be in touch to schedule your coaching & mentoring session