Standing out by fitting in

Bland, "out-of-the box" training material is a psychological turn-off and can lose the the engagement of your audience almost immediately. It sends out a subliminal message to the user which says "this does not belong here". For your training content to the first stage of engagement with it's participants it has to build a "bridge of relevance" to establish an intial connection with them.

There are 5 basic steps involved in building a bridge of relevance:

1.The content looks like it belongs to our organisation – it follows the same style as all other corporate communications that user is likely to encounter in heir working environment

2.Introductory sponsoring messages should be present and be delivered by credible authority figures (who, again, should be familiar and instantly recognisable to participants)

3. Be human – show that there are real people behind the security education programme

4. Be memorable use short messages and logos to brand and reinforce the security education programme

5. Be relevant – remember the ultimate goal is the develop threat recognition capability for end–users, so make sure your content is focussed on the threats that you would expect users in your organisation to encounter.

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