Business Continuity Incidents: Technology Failures

Most organisations are heavily dependent on IT systems - which may be run in-house or by services providers or a combination of both. Information technology can be created by environmental failures within a data centre, hardware failure and software failure or "glitches Either way the result is a loss of your ability to deliver services and products and as the examples below show, ven the largest organisations with sophisticated IT systems can suffer major disruptions. Understanding how IT systems underpin your business and designing robust recovery approaches to support recovery of critical activities is a core component in your business continuity plans

Disney World's reservation system flooded as reopening dates sell out

Customers said they waited for hours to access the system and, by the time they were able to get in, found that some days and attractions were booked to capacity.

IT systems disruption can be caused by excessive volume as well as failure

Website glitch erases 30000 Israelis' requests for unemployment benefits

Website glitch erases 30,000 Israelis' requests for unemployment benefits. Tax Authority site fails to save 20% of morning's submissions, forcing ...

Amazon S3 Outage Highlights Cloud Supplier Concentration Risk

The recent outage of the Amazon S3 cloud service, which impacted large swathes of the internet, has highlighted the exposures related to over-reliance on a single cloud services supplier – no matter how large they may be.

Trading interrupted on Singapore’s SGX exchange

Singapore's SGX Exchange has suffered a number of high profile outages over the past years. Last week another "glitch" hit their systems, further disaffecting customers and traders as...

IT Failures can significantly disrupt many organisations at the same time. 

Office 365 users hit by network outage

Software patch takes down Office 365 Network. Office 365 users have been suffering yet another outage for the cloud-based productivity suite around Europe today. There have..

3rd parties can affect the smooth running of the business. 

Data centre fire test knocks out banking services

A fire extinguishing test at a Bucharest data centre belonging to the Romanian arm of ING saw the bank's customers unable to make card...



Cloud Providers Business Continuity Capabilities “under fire”

SSP Worldwide has come under fire from disgruntled brokers, with many still struggling to access the insurance software house's cloud platform nearly two weeks...

Cloud services can fail as much as anything else. 

Delta Airlines major systems crash

A power cut at Delta’s head office in Atlanta has crippled its IT systems. Reports of over 300 cancelled flights.

A basic business continuity planning scenario which can be mitigated by uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and IT systems failover.

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A major failure like this not only brings the business to a halt, it propels the organisation into the public eye.

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