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Cyber Awareness Training & Learning Development

Phishing attacks & manipulation by social engineering are generally considered to be the most likely - and effective - way of gaining unauthorised access to attack and compromise an organisation's systems.  


Attendance on courses helps to establish the foundation of cyber security awareness, but it's just a first step in the overall process of building threat recognition capabilities.  Courses "draw back the curtains" on a the subject matter. However, a single delivery of training material will not build and develop the kind of intrinsic capability within your organisation to enable recognition and respond to cyber threats when they manifest themselves; building this kind of capability requires ongoing skills development.  Our approach for enhanced content delivery, building knowledge and skill reinforcement frameworks and behaviour tracking provide the capability to keep your colleagues aware of new cyber threats, particularly those related to phishing and social engineering.  We don't do "simulated" phishing attacks to hoodwink or trap users into clicking links on fake emails - the results from these can be unreliable and do not give a clear picture of your organisations threat recognition capabilities. We deliver cyber security education using tried and tested experiential learning techniques which are designed to establish an environment where users can learn how to recognise & respond to current threats and scams within an interactive learning environment which builds their skills with positive coaching and guidance.


 Clients have a number of options for deploying our learning resources:

  • Linking to our content from within their existing training material. (which may a learning management system or a PowerPoint slide deck)

  • Use our content as a "micro-learning" framework at predetermined intervals

  • Use a SCORM version of our content for integration within an existing LMS

  • Using publicly available Cyber Security Awareness training content with links to our content




For further information on our end user cyber security skills development services, please complete the contact us form