Cyber Security Management & Governance for Senior Execs & NEDs

You can't manage what you can't see

It is not easy to manage something that you are unfamiliar with - and many senior managers, board members and their Non-executive directors often feel that they are managing blindfold when it comes to cyber security.  Of course, that's not surprising it's challenging (to say the least) to have ultimate responsibility for something that you can't see and is shrouded in jargon.  That's what RiskCentric specialise in - helping senior management understand and manage their organisations exposure to cyber security risks - in terms that they can relate to.

"Vital Signs" for Cyber Security Exposure

As a senior exec in your organisation, you'll know the "vital signs" that will indicate whether performance in particular areas is meeting objectives and whether you are managing risk exposures effectively.  You might not know the intricate details of each step of a particular  activity - but you can use the metrics (or "vital signs") that indicate that something needs your attention. That's what we do - we help you to develop these vital signs that enable you to understand cyber security exposure.  Based on years of research we have established the things that really matter when it comes to protecting your organisation against cyber security risks and we can help you to develop and deploy a straightforward approach for non-technical people to manage and understand their organisations exposure to cyber security threats.


Take a look at this graph, compiled by IBM - you don't need to be a dyed in the wool "techie" to understand where the most prevalent threats are.  By focussing on that you can see that by countering these threats you can reduce your intrinsic exposure. As a senior exec you'll need to know just how effectively this stuff is working - not just by assertion and risk assessment, but by understanding what's really going on - and whether there's any need for you and your colleagues to take action.  

That's how we help - by assisting you to develop a framework that provides clear, understandable  "vital signs" on cyber security exposures that everyone, regardless of cyber tech proficiency, can relate to.  


How we work with Senior Management & Executive Teams

We focus on the people, process, and tech aspects of resilience and cyber security - because that's the areas that really make a difference - particularly people and process. We help senior management teams to take leadership of cyber security by providing advice and guidance to develop the capabilities of their people and to establish robust, reliable processes and oversight systems - enabling non-specialist executive teams to manage their organisations' cyber risk exposure in the same way as any other business exposure

Free Cyber Security Management Advisory (coming soon).

Before you hire an advisor, we think it's reasonable for you to satisfy yourself that you think the advisor is talking sense and that their approach will work for you.  To help you understand how we add value to your organisation, we have prepared a short video on the things that really make a difference in terms of understanding cyber security exposures in your organisation. It's completely non-technical and after 15 minutes you'll understand why most organisations that have been hacked could have prevented it.

Continuous Visibility & Oversight of Cyber Security Exposures

The key to effective cyber security management within your organisation is actionable information on exposures. We can help you to implement processes and systems a gold standard for "Phishing Reporting" that will ensure that the senior management are never again in the dark when it comes to understanding their actual exposure to cyber security risks. No technical jargon just clear, concise information on what's going on and whether there's anything that needs to be acted on.   


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