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Exposure & Cyber Threat Management Process

Vulnerability scanning tools, penetration test results, vendor advisories, automated audit solutions and threat intelligence alerts are all necessary to assure and maintain strong cyber defences.  But the significant amount of disparate data generated by them is a source of risk in itself - because it's so easy to lose sight of a critical issue by sheer information overload.  The root cause of many major cyber breaches have been attributed to failure to apply patches, updates and fixes.  But when your vulnerability management process relies on manual systems for oversight and confirmation of application - it's all too easy to miss something.  ISM.Connected supports the cyber threat management process by providing a single, unified repository for all identified vulnerabilities and security remediation activities.  The Security Actions Hub within ISM.Connected creates a central, standardised repository of:

  • Network security scans (the majority of major scan vendor formats are supported)

  • Corrective actions uncovered during audit processes

  • Vendor security advisories

  • Alerts and notifications from threat intelligence services

  • Penetration test results

All actions in the hub can be assigned to individuals or groups for implementation, resolution or evaluation with ongoing automated monitoring and reminders.