Business Continuity Incidents: Cyber Attacks

Cyber attacks can be crippling and can have protracted recovery times - particularly if ransomware is involved. Specific preparations  are often required to recover from cyber attacks and should be incorporated into business continuity plans

Medical School Officials Pay Hackers $1.14 Million Ransom 

Hackers who attacked computer servers at the University of California at San Francisco School of Medicine were paid a ransom of more than $1 million to enable researchers regain access to data that had been maliciously encrypted by malware.

Cyber attack cripples PDD web platforms

A cyber attack on Power department has crippled its online platforms rendering online billing app ‘PDD bill Sahuliyat’ and other online services defunct, officials said


Indiabulls suffers ransomware attack 

Indiabulls Group was hit by a ransomware that threatened to expose confidential data of its group company

Australia cyber attacks: PM Morrison warns of 'sophisticated' state hack

Australia's government and institutions are being targeted by ongoing sophisticated state-based cyber hacks, Prime Minister Scott Morrison says.

Avon suffers cyber attack, website shut down

U.K.-based direct selling company Avon Products Inc. suffered a cyber attack on June 10 and had to shut down its website, Northamptonshire Telegraph reported. The company has been unable to fulfil customer orders for nearly a week following the attack.

A cyber attack does not cause physical damage but can result in protected recovery times


Wiggle Investigates Cyber-Attack

Online sports retailer Wiggle is investigating a suspected cyber-attack after receiving a series of complaints from customers.

Concerns were raised after customers received emails confirming orders for items from Wiggle that they had not placed.

Customers may be the first people to detect that you have suffered a cyber attack


The Lion brewery and dairy business, the latest large manufacturer to be hit by a cyber attack, is still rebooting production and experiencing empty supply chains a week after suffering a cyber attack.

Cyber attacks can have physical impacts on manufacturing capability

MaxLinear hit by cyber attack

Radio-frequency chip maker MaxLinear has been hit by a cyber attack, with a hacker releasing some proprietary information about the company online

Sensitive commercial information can be exposed by cyber attacks

Honda suffers major global cyber attack

In a statement, the firm said: “Honda can confirm that a cyber attack has taken place on the Honda network. We can also confirm that there is no information breach at this point in time.

“Work is being undertaken to minimise the impact and to restore full functionality of production, sales and development activities.

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