Three Steps to Transformation

  • Integrate with Enterprise applications
  • Automate Scheduling & Follow-up
  • Automate management reporting

Capture Issues at Source



The .Connected platform seamlessly connects with your enterprise email and messaging systems It's no longer necessary to transcribe incoming emails into another system or spreadsheet. 

.Connected allows you to capture incoming messages from social media or enterprise email, making it unnecessary to transcribe information from one source to another. So, for instance, if you have received a negative review from a service such Trust Pilot or a complaint email, ,Connected will automatically capture that email, create a preliminary case record and notify that a new case or compliant has been received 

Automate Scheduling & Follow-Up



No need to maintain secondary diary systems for scheduling, follow-up  and issue tracking. 

Depending on  how you wish to use .Connected, you can:

  • Create schedules for reviews, assessments and exercises (and, of course, capture results)

  • Create and track follow-up tasks and corrective actions

  • Create cases for review, tracking  and resolution

  • Collaborate with colleagues, sharing information and discussion threads

Automate Management Reporting


Say goodbye to spreadsheets!

The .Connected platform makes management reporting easy. With predefined reports that can be delivered to lists of recipient (straight to their email inbox - no user ids required) and powerful ad hoc queries, manual update of spreadsheets is now consigned to history

For further information on the .Connected platform, please contact us

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