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Business Continuity & Incident Management Plan Development

We believe that best people to develop business continuity and incident management plans for your organisation are your people.  For starters, you know your organisation and it’s operational priorities better than any third party. That’s why we look at business continuity and incident management plan development as an activity that we facilitate with you not for you.  That way, we leave you with the skills you need to take your contingency plan forward.

Organisations often turn to external providers for training and/or consultancy support to get help with developing their plans.  In so many cases these services don’t quite deliver:

  • Training courses require you to sit in classrooms for days and then send you on your way with little more than a pile of presentation slides. 

  • “Getting a consultant in” can often result in you paying for work that could have been undertaken by your own staff – if they had access to quality advice and support at key stages.


Most organisations can develop their own business continuity and incident management plans - providing that they can access quality resources and support they need. Our business continuity and incident management plan development service provides that capability by using an approach of collaborative learning, support and coaching to give  your organisation the knowledge, support and the tools needed to create contingency plans together with a safety net of support and guidance that’s available on demand during the development process

Our service delivery model is based on:

Knowledge: A series of workshops, conducted on your own premises (or remotely), provides your team a framework to develop a sound, robust business continuity plan.  We cover the key areas of business continuity plan development that are relevant to your organisation, introduce accepted good practice, walkthrough our tools and templates and establish an overall structure and timeline for the project. When participants leave the workshop they’ll know what they need to do and have access to the tools they need to get the job done;

Tools: Your people will have access to our library of plan templates to help them develop each part of your contingency plan. In addition we will show them how to use and deploy tools to assist with incident and recovery management, so that you are always operationally prepared to respond;

Support: For the agreed duration of the project, you have access to unlimited advice and guidance for the team who are developing your Business Continuity plan.  The support service allows your people to get help, advice and feedback whenever they need it.

Although the costs of delivering a contingency plan using our approach can be significantly lower than traditional approaches to training or “getting a consultant in” the really big benefit is in skills development and ownership of plans.  Our approach develops the capability of both your organisation and people by providing an environment where they learn by a process of doing whilst having an ongoing “safety net” of coaching, advice and feedback.   Our process not only delivers a comprehensive and effective contingency plan, it creates the knowledge and capability into your organisation so that you can keep the programme going with your own resources.

For further information on contingency plan development, please contact us