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Business Continuity Management Services

Our resilience and business continuity management services cover the full lifecycle of business continuity plan development 


Our business continuity plan development process is based on principles that ensure you are left with more than documents - we aim to leave you in a position where your organisation has developed the knowledge and capability  to maintain and improve your resilience capabilities once the devlopment phases are complete.  In other words, we believe that documents are not the end game, they are a step in the journey towards establishing and imbedding business continuity and resilience capability. To acieve this our business continuity plan development process is delivered as a blend of workshops which are subsequently supported by a comprehensive framework and toolset and ongoing mentoring.

To assist with the business continuity plan development process we have developed a number of tools to support the development process.   Each key stage of the business continuity plan development process is supported by tools and templates which help your organisation develop a business continuity plan that meets your organisations needs and will assure third parties such as auditors and customers that you have developed a robust plan that will work when needed. These tools will ensure the quality of your business continuity plan and accelerate the process of business continuity plan development.


The key stages of business continuity plan development are:


Business Continuity Plan Development Stage 1 - Priorities Assessment


The Priorities Assessment provides insight into the interruption thresholds your organisation can withstand before material commercial damage is incurred. It helps you to understand the operational interdependencies in your business and establish whether or not they are sufficiently robust to mitigate business interruption risks.

Business Continuity Plan Development Stage 2 - Core Foundations for Business Continuity & Resilience

Core strategies relate to things like Information Technology, telephony and premises. Establishing and documenting these things ensures that subsequent plans are built on a firm foundation of proven capabilities that will fit for purpose should hey are called upon.


Business Continuity Plan Development Stage 3 - Business Continuity Action Plans

Business Continuity Action Plans are generally developed at a departmental or activity level. Generally they are developed for those parts of the organisation that are directly involved in the delivery of your products and services to customers.


Business Continuity Plan Development Stage 4 - Incident Response Plan

Your Incident Response Plan establishes your capability to gain command and control of a major operational incident, assess its impact and invoke the necessary business continuity plan components.



Business Continuity Plan Development Stage 5 - Communications Framework

The Communications Framework complements your Incident Response Plan (and is often included in it).  Because of it's importance - as the "glue" that makes your Incident Response Plan work -  we tend to develop it separately so that specific focus can be given to internal and external communications and the tools that will be used.

Business Continuity Plan Development Stage 6 - Business Continuity Plan Exercising & Testing

No Business Continuity Plan can be relied upon until it is proven.  Business Continuity Plan Exercising & Testing provides assurance that your business Continuity Plan will work when it is invoked. There several approaches to business continuity plan testing which  and exercising including desktop exercises, walkthroughs, simulations and stress tests


Business Continuity Plan Development Stage 7 - Business Continuity Management System

The Business Continuity Management System ensures that all the effort you have made to develop and establish a Business Continuity Plan is not wasted by ensuring that your plan is maintained and remains fit for purpose


Business Continuity Plan Development Stage 8 - Business Continuity Awareness & Capability Management

This stage of Business Continuity Plan Development ensures that your people are prepared and informed of your organisations business continuity arrangements and will know what to if you invoke your Business Continuity Plans


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