Business Continuity Planning Risk Scenarios

A business continuity plan needs to cover many risk scenarios and outcomes. In this section we are going to look at some specific categories of risk, their possible impacts and some further considerations for planning.  We'll provide a description of each threat, it's potential impacts and also point you to some real-life examples

Workplace and physical assets risk

Physical assets are buildings such as offices and equipment.  In this context business continuity threats can be caused by:

  • Damage, through fires, flood and other natural hazards (such as roof collapse caused by heavy snow fall)

  • Loss of access - where the building and it's contents remain intact but inaccessible - because it may have become contaminated for some reason.

  • Utility failure where the building remains intact and accessible but still cannot be used  because power or water supplies have failed


On this page there are some real life examples of organisations have been impacted by threats to their physical workplace

IT Availability Risks

There are many threats to the availability of IT systems such as software errors , power failures, environmental compromise, hardware error and deliberate cyber attacks - all bring IT systems to their knees and significantly disrupt the ongoing operations of an organisation


Many organisations have been hit hard by IT availability issues - here are some real-life examples of how they have been impacted

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