Business Continuity - Diving Deeper

In this section we take an in-depth look at specific topics related to business continuity planning. These include:


  • It's important to understand that having a business continuity plan is not just a box ticking exercise - there are many reasons why it's beneficial to your organisation to have a business continuity plan in place.  The page "the value of a business continuity plan" details at the positive benefits of developing a business continuity plan for your organisation

  • We also go into the subject of business continuity plan (BCP) testing in detail - because this is the best way and sometimes only way, of confirming that your business continuity plan will work when required. 

  • Terminology can sometimes be confusing: terms like "business continuity", "crisis management", incident management" and  "disaster recovery" re used interchangeably. On the page Business Continuity Vs. Crisis Management we provide an explanation of these terms and what they really mean

  • Consultants and specialists often recommend ppromoting "business continuity awareness in an organisation. But just what is business continuity awareness and, more importantly how do you create it? You'll find more information on this topic on the page What is business continuity awareness?

  • Once a business continuity plan has be developed, it has to be managed and an important part part of that is having meaningful metrics to benchmark the plan against. On the measuring business continuity plans  page we give you some pointers of things to track and monitor.