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Business Continuity Plan Training - Online

Our online business continuity plan development training course consists of 3 modules:

Module 1: takes you through the process of plan development, showing you how to establish priorities and disruption tolerances (Business continuity specialists often call this stage "Business Impact Analysis (or BIA, for short). The next stages of the course look at creating core capabilities to recover from incidents and disruptions, communicating during a crisis and developing action plans for critical activities

Module 2 covers incident management and the creation of an incident response organisation and framework.

Module 3 covers the process of keeping everything up to date and ensuring that your initial efforts stay fit for purpose. The final part of this module covers organisational awareness and shows you how to create an organisation-wide awareness programme so that your colleagues will know what to do if you need to invoke your business continuity and crisis management plans.

As well as walking through each stage of business continuity plan development, the video will demonstrate tools and templates that can be used to build each component of a business continuity plan - all of these are available for purchase and download for unlimited use.

Business Continuity Services - for Business People

Business Continuity Plan Development Free Video
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Topics Covered in the Business Continuity Plan Video
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