Disaster can strike at anytime - and can be caused by many different root causes. However the main impacts tend to be building damage, supply chain disruption, loss of IT Systems, loss of staff mobility - or a combination of these. The business continuity incident log is continually updated from live news feeds reporting crises and operational incident around the world.  Take a look through through the log which we have organised into 6 categories as shown below. To see a list of incidents in each category click on arrow at the foot of each. box

Understanding how different types of incident have impacted other organisations can help you to understand the issues your business your business continuity plans needs to cover


Premises Availability

Natural hazards, HazMat incidents, fire, flood and premises contamination

Cyber Attack

Hacking, malware, ransomware denial of service attacks

Technology Failure

Human error, hardware / software 

Coronavirus Update

Developments arising from the corona virus pandemic.

Data Breach

Theft or exposure of sensitive or confidential information

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