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BCP Audit

BCP Audit example

A BCP Audit focusses on the processes and the organisation that are in place to support and maintain your business continuity plan – these are often referred to as a “Business Continuity Management System” or “BCMS”. When we perform a BCP Audit, we take a view that business continuity is an ongoing programme. We’ll evaluate all aspects of your BCMS to ensure that that you have a robust approach to business continuity management that aligns to accepted best practice and standards.

A BCP Audit of your BCMS should cover

  • Business Continuity Policy

  • Process for establishing risks and priorities

  • BCM organisation, covering the organisation that’s in place to monitor, measure and continually improve the overall business continuity programme.

  • The assurance framework for BCP testing and third-party monitoring

  • Process for maintaining of core capabilities and their alignment with recovery objectives including premises, equipment and information technology continuity strategies

  • Awareness and training programme

  • Compliance with relevant industry guidelines and regulatory requirements

That covers BCP Audits - continue to read more about other aspects of  BCP testing

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