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Most organisations are capable of developing business continuity plans with their own people (after all, they know your business better then any outsider) Traditional training courses might educate your people but won't necessarily give them tools and support they need to deliver a project. "Vanilla" business continuity consulting services may develop a business continuity plan for you but don't necessarily develop the capability of your people to take it forward and manage it.

To really build capability your team needs resources, tools, support and guidance  when they need it.  Developing a business continuity plan that adds value to your business requires more than just training and more than just "getting a consultant in". Agile BCM uses an approach of collaborative coaching  to give your organisation the knowledge, support and tools needed to develop business continuity plans together with a "safety net" of mentoring and guidance that’s available on demand.


Your people won't be required to spend days sitting through lectures and slide shows, they will learn on your own premises via a blend of workshops (which focus on your business and its business continuity needs), plan development action plans, templates and resources.  Unlike traditional training providers, we are with you all the way, providing unlimited access to expert support and guidance until your plans and capabilities are fully developed and neithwer will you get a consultancy bill that frightens the "bejezeers" out of your finance director!


Agile BCM develops the skills of your people to grow a sustainable business continuity capability for your organisation.


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